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Case #2010-0401 – “A Fundamental Error”

Posted by Joel Schipper on April 9, 2010

In this next example of “Your System – Not Guilty as Charged”, we see a fundamental error leading to extreme user frustration.

Users reported that “sales order entry takes 10 minutes – the system is incredibly slow.”  They went on to elaborate that orders can have a large number of sales order lines, and that “orders frequently come in on Excel spreadsheets from customers.”

Upon hearing this, I wondered why it would take 10 minutes to enter the orders when there is a button on the sales order screen to import sales order lines directly from Excel.  The end user response was a flabbergasted “You mean we can import the orders directly into the entry grid?”  They were stunned that they did not know about this, particularly as their IT Department was led by someone who had worked for the company that wrote the software package they were using.

This was only one example of a long list of what appeared to be haphazard or mistaken usage of the ERP system.  The result was a widespread sense of distrust and disregard of the system’s capabilities, leading to a “shadow” system of Excel and Access applications and reports.

I believe the fault is not with the system, but with the implementation of the system.  The next posts will offer further explore “what went wrong” and offer suggestions on “how this could have been avoided.”

What do you say?

Take a look at the presentation on the “Presentations” page to see more examples, what you can do, and radical viewpoints on how to “get it right.”


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