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Case #2010-0701 – There’s Never Time to Move Forward

Posted by Joel Schipper on July 21, 2010

In this example of “Your System – Not Guilty as Charged”, we see what happens when it’s always the “busy” season, and there’s never enough time to do an upgrade or buy a new system.

So often I see that old problems and headaches persisting because of the lack of proper systems support for necessary and important business processes.  The old workarounds persist, and oftentimes become worse and more complicated by additional twists and turns necessary to keep transactions flowing and to report on that business because the business processes keep evolving with new market place demands, competitive situations, and management initiatives.

Key signs of this situation are hand-crafted system-to-system integrations, double entries to two or more systems, and lots of time spent double checking that entries in one system are reflected properly in the other system(s).  This data nightmare becomes a way of life for the poor souls caught between the two systems, and is a source of great frustration to them.

One user who had to keep up inventory and cost figures between a manufacturing execution system and the corporate ERP system told me that she spent much of her day simply checking that figures entered in the MES reached the ERP without distortion or error because the system ‘integration’ was old and often unreliable – yet either not ‘fixable’ or a significant source of distress to management to get it fixed.  She, in fact, was the ‘fix.’  We showed this company a fully integrated manufacturing/ERP system; the liked it; the users said they wanted it; but six months later, there’s either not a budget and now we’re approaching  the ‘busy season’ again.

I saw a quote one time that said, “The implementation time frame is directly proportional to the time it takes to make the decision.”  Perhaps that’s why companies that dither around making the upgrade decision are afraid to make it – they intuitively grasp that the longer they take to make the decision, the longer and more painful it’s going to be to make the implementation of that upgrade.

What do you say?

Take a look at the presentation on the “Presentations” page to see what you can do, and for some radical views on how to “get it right.”


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