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Case #2010-0801 – Upgrades without Benefits

Posted by Joel Schipper on August 11, 2010

In this example of “Your System – Not Guilty as Charged”, we look at one of most baffling of the cases I’ve come across – when a company performs an upgrade of their enterprise software without getting any obvious business benefit other than moving from an older technology baseline to a new technology.

Although I can’t think of any “good” reasons for this type of move, I have seen it happen because the software vendor as ending “support” for an old release and so the client company moved to the newer release simply to stay on support without making any changes to business processes and without taking advantage of any added or enhanced features in the new release.

The result?  All the prior problems, challenges, and frustrations faced by the business users remain.  Anyone looking at this situation would have to conclude that if the old system was “guilty” then the ‘new’ system is also surely “guilty.”  But is this situation the fault of the enterprise system?  I don’t think so.

What’s your opinion?


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