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Personal Status Change – “Retirement”

Posted by Joel Schipper on December 31, 2014

As a personal note, I “retired” from Oracle and “active employment” this past October, healthy at age 64, and looking forward to doing many things, including much time with my wife and our dog, both indoors and outside, and also some “second opinion consulting” around matters of ERP, JD Edwards, and supply chains.  For that consulting, I’ll use the business name of Enterprise Software Insight, “a trustworthy advisor.”

I’ve also joined the Board of a new non-profit called JDE101, whose mission is to spread the knowledge of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system to a new generation of college students who can have a bright future working in the JDE ecosystem of Oracle, customers, partners, and consultants.  I encourage you can visit that WordPress web site at  My added hope is that someday we can deliver hands-on supply chain skills, using JD Edwards as the teaching tool, to Community College students who are ready to enter the workforce with a strong set of immediately usable skills.

In the meanwhile, I hope to blog more frequently on “Your system – not guilty as charged” with many examples of what works and doesn’t work as I continue to journey through the world of ERP systems.

Happy New Year! – Joel


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