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Guilty and Not Guilty as Charged – Old Releases

Posted by Joel Schipper on January 10, 2015

A small division of larger company operates on 15 year old version of an ERP system running on a hardware platform that itself will  soon to be obsolete.  Company officials begin looking at new “Cloud” ERP solutions to get them out the mess.

Fortunately, the company complains to its outside software support consultant that the system is unable to help them manage a serious cash flow shortage situation; they use the system to select all the A/P checks to print, and then sit down and manually review the list to see what to remove to get down to the amount they have available to pay out.  Consultant, once notified of the situation, immediately realizes that customer has not been trained in how to generate a selective A/P check run based upon the available dollars, and upon codes classifying various vendors as “must pay always” and other attributes.  With the new training, the system does just what the company wants:  Your system “not guilty as charged.”

At the same time, the G/L clerks are complaining that there is no easy way to upload transactions from Excel at month and year end into the ERP system for adjusting and other one time entries.  While this aging ERP system did have a way to upload from spreadsheets, it was clumsy and unfriendly (“Guilty as charged”).  However, this is a 15 year old release of that system; several years ago, the vendor released a series of updates making the system much more modern, one of which was a simple Excel upload/download feature.  Since the system has not been modified in any substantial way, it would be straightforward to do an upgrade to the newer release, or even better, to the same vendor’s new technology platform that runs in “the Cloud”, can be owned or leased/rented (“SaaS”), and offers arguably the most modern user interface and reporting features available in any software package.  The company is not taking advantage of this upgrade opportunity:  Your system “not guilty as charged.”


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