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iKnowCentral brings me to an Excellent Business Intelligence article

Posted by Joel Schipper on June 7, 2016

I was going through the (relatively) new “” today, and experimented with a new feature – a hyperlink to another web site, stored within an “ICY” or filtered display of the iKnowCentral nodes.

I used the iKnowCentral ‘search’ bar to search for a particular set of nodes, called “NGDATA’s Business Analytics Curation” – this is a curation of business intelligence and analytics data put into by Kiran Garimella (CTO) and Dan Conway (Data science advisor).  The new features were:

  1. All the child and grandchild nodes of this curation were not only there in the usual iKnowCentral display, but also in an interactive grid known as the “ICY” display.  So by clicking on one of those children, or directly clicking on a grandchild in the ICY display, it enlarged itself, and became a temporary bookmark while I clicked elsewhere.
  2. But Kiran had “hyperlinked” the subsequent destination link from the grandchild node directly inside the ICY display.  Thus, it saved from navigating on the usual node-child-grandchild node to reach the hyperlink – to an outside website – and took me there immediately upon my first click on the ICY filter display.   The result was this interesting article on business intelligence versus business analytics.

You can try this yourself by following this link:

If you just want the article, go to

If you want to know more about how NVIEM’s iKnowCentral and the application branded “Consultant Advantage” can help you, please write to me, or get your own login to iKnowCentral with this link:  and then follow the “sign-up” link in the upper right corner; sign-up’s are through LinkedIn.




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