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Data Analytics and Kiran Garimella

Posted by Joel Schipper on June 11, 2016

I am an Advisor to the Board of NVIEM, where Kiran Garimella invented the neural-visual engine that powers, a nifty new way to digitally curate useful information, both for public and for private consumption.  Examples include additional digital channels to your website and your blogs; private curation of ‘tribal knowledge’ around sales and marketing assets; and in a private instance branded as “Consultant Advantage” you can map out business process flows (instead of using Visio) to document the “WHY” of implementation configuration and enhancement decisions – this can be very powerful as time goes by and “everyone forgets” just “why” a business processing option was selected, or “why” a user defined master data element (such as a reporting code) was chosen to have a specific purpose, e.g., a geographic meaning, or the obscure coding useful in a commissions or analytics report.

Kiran’s presentation – available by clicking the heading of the following node in iKnowCentral – was recently ranked in the Top 50 resources for getting the most out of your data analytics.

So, please follow this link for two reasons:
1 – to get a glimpse into iKnowCentral (and write me to find out more…)
2 – to get a valuable presentation (free) by Kiran that will help keep your analytic systems “Not Guilty As Charged”.
Have fun!  Joel

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