Your System – Not Guilty As Charged

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Welcome to “Your System – Not Guilty as Charged.”

This blog is where we – as a virtual world-wide community – can discuss why enterprise software systems are often held in high disregard by their end users.

The starting premise is that it is not the computer system itself that is the problem most of the time, but instead it is the larger story around that system that is at fault – a situation that can be corrected through suggestions we will make on this blog.

I will also introduce a radically new way of thinking about enterprise software systems.

I will present this topic for the first time as the keynote address at the Oracle JD Edwards Southern California Regional User Group (JDE SCUG) in Long Beach, California on March 3, 2010, with a follow-on presentation at the Oracle-Quest Collaborate10 conference in Las Vegas on April 21, 2010.

Your comments can influence those presentations and more to follow, so please join in.  I will post the conference presentation following each talk.

Please note that specific company names are never mentioned, and to the extent possible, descriptions of particular enterprise systems and their implementations are adjusted or made vague enough so as not to identify the system or the company where the system was implemented.  Thank you for your cooperation in doing the same.

Each month I hope to post a new “case” to spark new comments.  Cases will consist of a case history, an update on “what went wrong” and a further update on “what might have done to prevent this situation from happening.”  Cases will be posted on their own page starting with Case 2010-0601.

At some point, there will be cases where the system is indeed “guilty as charged” – and those posts will have that categorization label.

I look forward to your participation,



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