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The end of this page has the most recent PDF of the presentation of “Your System – Not Guilty as Charged.”

The presentation has been shown at:

– The Oracle JD Edwards Southern California User Group ( key at the Grand Long Beach Events Center on March 3, 2010.  It was  very well received.

– The Quest/OAUG Oracle user group meeting “Collaborate10” in Las Vegas on April 21, 2010.

– The Wine Industry Technology Symposium (6th Annual WITS) in Napa, CA, on July 13, 2010, and

– The  Nevada Oracle Applications User Group (NVOAUG) in Las Vegas on July 21, 2010.

– The NorCal Quest user group meeting in Redwood Shores on June 16, 2011.

The presentation has been updated to illustrate the kind of extended discussion carried on the blog site for each case.  I’m always working to improve it, so your comments are appreciated.

Let me know if you’d like me to make this presentation at your next meeting.

A current copy of the presentation is at the following link


4 Responses to “Presentations”

  1. Good comment heard during my presentation at Collaborate10 Presentation: There seems to be a theme at the conference about how the ERP system is being pushed more to the end users – similar to some of what I was saying. This person said that every time a report doesn’t have “the right figures” the users (Finance) calls IT, who responds “we’re IT, why should we know what your operational report results should be?” And by the time IT figures it out, the problem has passed anyway.

  2. Another Collaborate10 comment was about the simplify-standardize point: when one company went live on a global, multi-divisional instance, they had thought their PC infrastucture was all set and standard around the world. Turns out “not so” – they found lots of local differences. They would like to share this kind of experience with other companies. I suggested using the chat-wiki-blog tools now available on Oracle’s global support site.

  3. lots of good comments from the presentation at WITS – the Wine Industry Technology Symposium, Napa, July 2010. Audience included IT consultants, IT system integrators, wine industry IT professionals, and private equity/VC/banker types.

    One good comment I heard was that this material was very much on point, and that the fresh perspective – how it was pulled togehter – was very helpful.

  4. Fun presentation today at the NV OAUG (Oracle Applications User Group) meeting in Las Vegas. Neat auditorium – tiered seating with great projector and podium. I felt relaxed and comfortable with the slides and points.
    A Good size crowd – 30 or more folks. Solid head nodding and grins and smiles on many of the points – people said afterwards “Yeah, been there, seen that” and “Sure have experienced what you’re talking about.” Possible interest in my coming back and talking to a broader group of IT project managers, not just the Oracle users.

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